002 – Eric Skwarczynski – Standing up to Power While Providing a Voice for Survivors

Eric Skwarczynski, host and creator of the Preacher Boys podcast, has been standing up to those in the IFB (Independent Fundamental Baptist) Church who want to silence the voices of survivors of mental, physical, and sexual abuse since he was a teenager. At a young age, he was faced with the question, “Do I stand up for what I know is right and ask the tough questions or do I just go with the flow and not rock the boat?” Eric, rightfully so, chose to rock the boat and has been doing it ever since.

In this episode we talk through what life was like growing up in the IFB, how he managed the multitude of feelings he faced during a pivotal moment in his young life, how he’s made peace with his beliefs and the church, and how he takes care of himself as he provides space for survivors of trauma to share their stories with the world.

You can find Eric at www.preacherboysdoc.com on Facebook @preacherboysdoc, and on Instagram @preacherboysdoc.

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