003 – A Diva on the Football Field becomes Coach of Life

In Episode 3 Archie catches up with women’s tackle football Hall of Fame inductee Monica D. Livingston. Monica is a lifelong athlete who late in life found herself as an all-star running back for the winningest team in the Women’s National Football Conference (WNFC), the DC Divas. Today she is an educator, business owner, and a professional speaker who has presented for organizations like the NBA, NFL, MLB, FedEx, and the YMCA.

Our conversation ranges from the recent inequities at the NCAA Women’s Basketball tournament, what it was like growing up as a black, female in sports, how she found herself playing women’s professional tackle football, and how she chose that a career ending injury on the football field would end her career on her terms. Monica is as authentic as they come and uses every bit of adversity in her life to today help coach others in theirs.

Monica is the host of her own internationally released podcast, The Huddle with Monica D. Livingston. You can find her on Instagram @livingston3636 on Facebook @Monica D. Livingston and at her website www.monicadlivingtson.com. Check out Monica in action as a DC Dive here.

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