004, Mike Marjama, From Major League Baseball to a Major Life Mission

Former Major League Baseball player, Mike Marjama, has found a new mission. One that will see his voice and his story help countless people who may be struggling with an eating disorder. Marjama, who made his Major League debut with the Seattle Mariners in 2017, is now using his truth, his entire truth, to impact & help others. Mike developed a severe eating disorder as a high school athlete and ultimately found himself in an in-patient treatment facility. 

In this episode, Mike & Archie get very real and honest about all things addiction and what it’s like to find recovery as a male battling an eating disorder. Mike shares openly about how his obsession with his body image began to spiral out of control and consume his every action. He also shares how he is coming to terms with his departure from baseball and how today he is finding a new love in life: giving of his heart and passion to help others.

You can find Mike on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/mike.marjama and on the web at https://www.mikemarjama.com

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