005 – Arlina Allen, One Day At A Time: From Mantra to Mission

Today, Arlina Allen is a Life & Recovery Coach, the founder of Sober Life School, and host of the award-winning recovery podcast “The One Day At A Time Podcast”. But life did not begin so rosy for Arlina as she experienced trauma at a very early age. Much of her early quest to be noticed and loved helped feed her search for love and acceptance later in life through alcohol & drugs.

Arlina & Archie, who both began their recovery journey in a 12-Step program, talk openly about their experiences in Alcoholics Anonymous and how waiting until someone has completely crashed and burned might not be best option for all people. Arlina also shares about what it was like leaving her job in corporate America to truly live her life’s purpose – one that has her living today in 100% alignment with her values.

You can listen to Arlina’s award-winning podcast at http://www.odaatchat.com/,
find her on Instagram at @odaatchat and on the web at both Sober Life School & Reinvent – Self Esteem Course.

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