013 – James Bullard, Fully Living The Dreams You Have Today

James Bullard is a wandering artist with deep Southern roots and fiery passions for tight harmonies, TIDE football, and family—both blood and made. Armed with aggressive optimism and a kick-ass tenor voice, he enjoys life to the fullest wherever it may take him and he is grateful for the opportunities. From Alabama to New York City, Charlotte to Vegas and all around the world, James has made every stop a stage and many a star and streetlamp a spotlight. Bitten early and hard by both the travel and acting bugs, he set his sights on seeing and doing as much as he could pack into the years he’s been given. Following a “husky” youth, James shares his knowledge and experiences with others on similar fitness journeys. From entertainment to real estate, James’ vocations have often mixed business with pleasure. Now fully vaccinated and ready to roam, he’s looking forward to getting back to work with The Adventure Dudes, a frugal travelers’ blog he runs with his friend Andrew.

In this episode, Archie is joined by his long time friend, James Bullard. James is a free spirit that really just goes with the flow and has achieved success by staying open and following the path he was meant to lead in life. It hasn’t always been easy but James talks about the importance of “finding the yesses.” They discuss how they broke through the barriers that they faced around not quite fitting in when growing up and James also gives a great strategy for taking small, incremental steps outside of your comfort zone so you can achieve an infinitely rich life even in the Covid era.

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