Substance Abuse Prevention

Claws, Coke, and College

Program Details

In almost every college coming-of-age movie, beer pong, parties, and hangovers are common. For many, the big screen reflects our lived reality. A majority of students use alcohol and perhaps experiment with other drugs. It’s normal, right? While most will not find themselves in a hospital ICU with a drug overdose, most students know someone who battles alcoholism or addiction. These battles are often fought alone, with many friends having difficulty confronting the dark nature of the disease.


In this powerful program, Archie uses his own personal journey to show how easily partying turns problematic. Students learn how to spot warning signs in their peers. They equip themselves to have vulnerable conversations with those struggling with recovery.

Learning Outcomes


Gain a new perspective on alcohol and drug addiction and how it might impact both their life and the lives of those they call brother or sister.


Identify potential warning signs that someone they love may be struggling with alcohol or drug abuse.


Learn appropriate conversation starters to have with someone they fear is struggling with alcoholism or addiction.

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Archie offers both virtual and in-person seminars.