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Flip the Script on Your Disempowering Beliefs

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Have you ever heard the phrase “Change your mind, change your life” and thought – “Nah – that’s not for me! I’ll just work harder and make things happen!” But what if there was actual scientific truth to all this mindset conversation you’ve been hearing? (Spoiler alert: there is!)


We hold beliefs about all things. Those beliefs have a direct influence over what we do or do not achieve. When we have empowering beliefs, our achievements can feel almost effortless. If we have self-limiting or disempowering beliefs, then it can often feel like we are pushing a big rock up a steep hill. And, as we’ve all likely experienced, we often stop pushing before we ever reach the top. Not because we can’t reach it, but because we believe that we can’t.


Let’s learn to harness the power of our mind and flip the script on our disempowering beliefs. 

Learning Outcomes


Inventory areas of your own life where disempowering beliefs are prevalent.


Identify the key scientific areas of mindfulness.


Be empowered to apply research-based techniques to their daily lives.

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