Mental Health & Wellness

If Everyone is “Fine” – Then What’s Wrong With Me?

Program Details

Have you ever wondered how we became a society of “fine”? When did the “Feeling Train” get so far off the track? How did we all become conditioned to be “fine” 24-hours a day, 7-days a week and, more importantly, can we get the Train back on track?


The good news, the research suggests it’s possible. The even better news, it might not be as hard as we think.


This program will allow attendees to better understand both anxiety and depression and how those mental health challenges might show up in their family, classmates, or co-workers. Participants will then be led through a guided discovery period to identify their beliefs and assumptions about “feelings” and craft ways they can lead with feelings both in the the office or the classroom.


Join Archie Messersmith-Bunting as we discuss the science behind your feelings, discover new ways to express what you’re feeling, and learn all important questions to ask when you are worried someone in your life might not be “fine”.

Learning Outcomes


Define the difference between “mental health” and “mental illness”.


Review the signs and symptoms of the two most common mental health challenges: anxiety and depression.


Discover their beliefs and assumptions about “feelings”.


Identify practical steps they can take to begin to “lead with feelings”.

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