Mental Health & Wellness

You Can’t Wash Away Your Anxiety in 20-Seconds

Program Details

The good news: experiencing anxiety during a period of global change is completely normal. The not so good news: it’s extremely difficult to adjust to a “new normal” when you’re struggling with different and potentially strong feelings of insecurity and worry.


In this interactive presentation, Archie walks through smart mental health practices in a time of high anxiety and uncertainty. There are self-care best practices your employees or team members can use to improve their mood and things they can begin to avoid when they’re having an off mental health day. Attendees  also learn what the research says about the science of happiness and what they need  to create it for themself. Spoiler alert: Everything we need to be truly happy we’ve always had – we just might not have known it.

Learning Outcomes


Understand what causes the feelings of anxiety and fear in our body and how we can accept these feelings and work to make them manageable.


Identify the pervasive feelings in our life that seem heavy and acknowledge the ones that are most pervasive.


Create a personal self-care plan.

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