010 – Chris Molina, Embracing The Feeling Of Being Different

Chris Molina is the recipient of the 2020 NAMCA College Speaker of the Year Award (National Association for Masterminds & Co-curricular Advancement), an Amazon Best-Selling Author of his book “I’m in a Leadership Role, Now What? The Student Edition”, a Podcaster on the Professional by Choice Podcast & the How’d You Meet Podcast, a Personal Development Coach, a United States Marine Corps Veteran (serving 7 years on Active Duty), a Purdue University Alum, and a Leadership Literacy Expert. More than anything, Chris is a Father (#GirlDad), a Husband, a Son. a Brother, and an East Chicago, Indiana native.

In this episode, Archie and Chris break down the ways that being “other”, or different, have shaped their upbringing, feelings and emotions. They discuss limiting beliefs that they’ve experienced, where those beliefs came from and how uncovering the belief itself is the key to transforming your life. They also speak very openly about “code switching”, and the times they’ve felt pressure to change something about themselves in order to fit in with their environment at the time.

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