012 – Brandon Eastman, Training Your Mindset Muscle

Brandon Eastman helps leaders and purpose-driven achievers optimize their lifestyle so that they make progress towards their goals while experiencing more feelings of joy and fulfillment. His work focuses around the 5 key areas of our lives; emotions, physical fitness, finances, relationships & spirituality.

Archie and Brandon start this episode with a conversation around identity. Brandon shares openly about how his identity was strongly connected to his physical appearance and achievements, and talks about why he didn’t feel any better after losing weight and making great strides toward his personal goals. They also dig into the concept of mindfulness and visualization and how those two things can really be a game changer for our personal and professional lives.

You can connect with Brandon on Instagram, Facebook, and on his podcast!
https://www.instagram.com/brandon.s.eastman/, on https://www.facebook.com/brandon.s.eastman
The Be Better Broadcast! https://open.spotify.com/show/1GfXWAQ4ljZpssrpypnONH

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