014 – Kathryn Burmeister, Leading With Empathy in Law & in Life

Kathryn Burmeister is an attorney and a tireless advocate for her clients. As a human being, she channels her passion for others into animal rescue, charities, and other causes. She is an entrepreneur, author, and speaker on beating adversity and women’s self care.

A native Atlantan, Kathryn has lived in Woodstock since she was two. An only child, she is of English, German, and Scots-Irish descent, and the second in her family to graduate college, earning her bachelors and law degrees from Mercer University.

In this episode, Archie and Kathryn start the conversation around Kathryn’s profession as an attorney. Kathryn shares some of the experiences and events that eventually led her to suicidal ideation. They discuss some of the shocking statistics around suicide in America and how to reach out to family, friends and coworkers when they aren’t showing up in their usual way.

You can connect with Kathryn on Instagram, Facebook and on her website. You can find those links below.

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